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Company News and Upcoming Events

Indianapolis, Indiana – December 15, 2017

Mil-Spec Approved Safety Strip 61 Special Now Available

Safety Strip 61 Special, a Brulin-branded product manufactured by BHC, is a military specification, two phase stripper that rapidly removes mil-spec and industrial paints, seals, adhesives and other coatings. Safety Strip 61 Special is an effective alternative to methylene chloride and acid-based strippers. Bond-breaking technology uses an amine activator to break the paint cross-link bonds allowing the solvent to more effectively lift the paint for faster and more complete paint removal.

Indianapolis, Indiana – December 8, 2017

Sending Soap to Aid in Continuing Hurricane Cleanup

Hurricane Harvey damaged communities along the Gulf Coast of the United States and left a large path of destruction earlier this year. At BHC we are committed to help these communities pick up the pieces and get back to normal.

To aid in this cleanup BHC donated two products to the affected area. 290 gallons of general purpose hand soap, and 721 gallons of general purpose cleaner were sent to the gulf coast.

Indianapolis, Indiana – December 1, 2017

New One-Minute Claims and Hepatitis C Virus Claim Added to BruTab 6S®

In today’s infection prevention environment, the focus is not only on the organisms a product effectively kills, but how quickly it kills them. In our effort to bring the best disinfectant solutions to market, we are continually pursuing additional efficacy testing – BruTab 6S now has one-minute claims; plus, we have added a Hepatitis C Virus claim.

Indianapolis, Indiana – November 6, 2017

General Guidelines for Maintaining Alkaline Cleaning Tanks

Aqueous cleaning tanks that must last several weeks, months, or more than a full year require careful monitoring to avoid mishap during their extended time frame. Tanks containing alkaline cleaners can be problematic due to changes in pH, cleaner carry-out rates, type of water used to makeup/maintain the tank, and the sensitivity of the alloys being cleaned. A variety of cost and time effective tests can be run on tanks that must provide long life. Following these basic testing guidelines when maintaining aqueous alkaline cleaning tanks filled with alkaline cleaners will help to ensure the longest possible tank life for a given application.

Indianapolis, Indiana – October 31, 2017

Simple Squeeze, Self-Contained, All-Facility Dilution Control Program Announced

Dilution Control options for chemicals offer numerous benefits to end users, specifically when it comes to training and managing inventory. BHC’s newest dilution control option takes form as the Simple Squeeze program consisting of five dispensing quarts packaged as a Self-Contained, All Facility program.

Indianapolis, Indiana – October 9, 2017

BHC Launches Transformer Multi-Functional Floor Finishes

In Commercial Floor Care there is an increasing emphasis on labor reduction that has been driving the demand for what was once referred to as a dry-bright type finish. A dry-bright finish means just that – a floor finish that dries to a high gloss (bright) after initial application of recommended coats. It may be buffed or burnished, but is not required for initial gloss.

Indianapolis, Indiana – October 4, 2017

BHC Shoe Drive

The employees of BHC recently participated in a shoe drive in coordination with Changing Footprints, a charitable origination that focuses on, “collecting new and gently used shoes for distribution to homeless, disaster-stricken, or underprivileged people locally, nationally, and internationally regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.” Changing Footprints set a goal to collect 4,000 pairs of shoes by the end of September for hurricane relief alone.

Indianapolis, Indiana – September 19, 2017

BHC Helps with Hurricane Relief

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey which made landfall in Texas at the end of August, BHC and its team members helped contribute to the cleanup effort. A full semi-truck load of cases of Patco Pop-Up Wipers were shipped from the Indianapolis warehouse to a Houston Texas area food bank which handles local distribution.

Indianapolis, Indiana – August 14, 2017

BHC Receives ISO 9001:2008 Recertification

BHC successfully received ISO 9001:2008 Recertification for our Quality Management System. We take great pride in the quality of our products and set high standards for ourselves, so this achievement once again solidifies our commitment to excellence.

Indianapolis, Indiana – July 29, 2017

BHC Team Cleans Up The Cultural Trail

On Saturday, July 29th, a group of BHC employees and their families helped clean up the Indianapolis Cultural Trail as part of an Environmental Wellness initiative. Not only is BHC a leader in developing environmentally safe products, but we are dedicated to being a good neighbor, leaving the community better than we found it.

Indianapolis, Indiana – July 24, 2017

SCS2 Black Shadow Dispenser Improved

Designed for ease of use and improved productivity, the BHC remote fill gun on our SCS2 Black Shadow Dispensers has undergone a few beneficial upgrades to create a new fully field serviceable and durable unit.

Indianapolis, Indiana – July 14, 2017

BHC Helps with Indiana’s State-wide Blood Shortage

We did our part yesterday to help save lives by hosting a blood drive with Indiana Blood Center. Indiana’s blood supply is currently at a critical low – meaning that there is not enough blood for patients, most who are recovering after an incident or fighting diseases, at Indiana hospitals.

Indianapolis, Indiana – July 9, 2017

BHC Introduces SolVantage Vapor Degreasing Fluid to Replace Scrutinized nPB and TCE

BHC introduces SolVantage™ Vapor Solv, a non-flammable, high performance, precision cleaning solvent designed for vapor degreasing – an azeotropic, flourinated solvent degreaser, drop-in replacement for n-propyl bromide (nPB), TCE and other vapor degreasing solvents.

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Dallas, TX
October 30 – November 1
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Otay Mesa, Mexico
April 26, 2018
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Chicago, IL
September 10-15, 2018
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