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Commercial & Floor Care

A wide variety of building maintenance and floor care solutions.

Commercial & Floor Care

Innovative solutions for cleaning and maintenance professionals including Dilution Control, School Maintenance, Shower Room Cleaning and our Green Seal™ certified TerraGreen line. Our proven Floor Care programs are designed to meet your needs. Whether it is Finished Concrete or VCT, we have you covered.

Featured Solution


Quick and Easy Solution to Winter Salt Residue

Convenient Pre-Portioned Packs — Brulin Floor Neutralizer comes in easy-to-use packs that can go directly into a mop bucket or an autoscrubber 20 gallon floor cleaning tank. Also available in conventional gallon packaging.

Removes Salt Residue — Incorporate Floor Neutralizer into your winter floor care maintenance program as a daily damp mop solution in entryways, foyers, lobbies, waiting rooms, etc.

Low pH — pH of 3 neutralizes high pH salt residue.

Long-Term Satisfaction and Quality

“Interstate Cleaning Corporation was awarded a grocery chain based in the St Louis metro area. We reached out to BHC to partner with us in this new venture. BHC did not disappoint! With their expertise in grocery, floor finish, their training and working with our people and their access and ability to allow us to offer this client a reporting system, the partnership between us and the grocery chain has been very successful. Since then we have partnered with BHC to be the primary supplier of chemicals across our national portfolio.”

Phil Gaudy
Executive Vice President – Retail Operations
Interstate Cleaning Corporation

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