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Healthcare Programs

Hospital disinfectants with a broad range of germicidal efficacy, as well as products for every area within your facility.

Healthcare Programs

BruTab 6S®

Effervescent Disinfectant & Sanitizer Tablet

Understand the 6S difference.  Strong, Surface and User Friendly, Stable, Sustainable, Simple and Smells better than bleach.  Effective against a broad range of microorganisms including C. difficile spores, Hepatitis B, and more.


A Full Range of Disinfectants

EPA registered, hospital disinfectant effective against a broad range of pathogenic organisms, including MRSA, HBV, HIV-1 and c. diff spores.

Victory Sprayer Program

Infection Prevention and Control Program

Electrostatic machines provide an electrical charge to the solutions, giving them a wrap around, effective and even coverage.

TOPfoam Hand Care

Superior Products Formulated for Hand Care Needs

Innovative can’t leak system will eliminate waste and reduce double pumping, resulting in a 20% cost savings over other hand care programs.  Solutions dispense and rinse easier, to deliver a more enjoyable experience.

General Floor Care Program

Resilient Floor Care

Fewer products and fewer steps makes this program simple for training and execution.  BHC will custom-design this program based on your needs, equipment, and budget.

Maxx.Max Green

Simplest, Cheapest, Easiest Green General Maintenance Program

Simplify your inventory with our General Maintenance program, which has 2 products that can replace up to 12 in your current facility cleaning program.  Enjoy significant cost savings, up to 94% in some cases.