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Industrial Markets

World Class Cleaning Solutions that Deliver

Industrial Markets


Cleaning Solutions for the Space Industry

Cutting edge chemistries that are tailored to the Space Industry market with Liquid Oxygen Component (LOX) approval for manufacturing.


Cleaning Solutions for Aerospace

BHC’s line of approved and tested cleaners provide safer, advanced solutions for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.


Cleaning Solutions for the Transportation Industry

BHC’s high performance degreasers provide safer, advanced solutions for OEM parts manufacturers and overhaul operations.  Critical cleaning you can trust for delicate and high-value parts.

Precision Metal

Cleaning Solutions for Precision Metal

High Performance degreasing chemistries research developed to exceed our customers’ expectations for EHS concerns, soil removal, ease of use and low use cost.


Cleaning Solutions for Medical Devices and Implants

BHC’s AquaVantage Aqueous Degreasers provide EHS friendly, advanced solutions for medical device and implant cleaning.  Our products provide excellent cleaning and soil removal, reducing cleaning rejects.


Cleaning Solutions for Optic Devices

BHC’s AquaVantage Aqueous Degreasers provide EHS friendly, advanced solutions for optical device cleaning.  Perfectly tailored to optical components and coatings.

Industrial Maintenance Products

A Full Range of Industrial Products to Meet Your Complex Needs

We have a wide variety of additional industrial products that will deliver the results you seek.