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BHC - Brulin Holding Company / Safety Strip HT
Approvals & Conformance: Ford: Tox #0006902 National Stock Number: 05 Size; 6850-01-423-1082 National Stock Number: 55 Size; 6850-01-394-0168 Naval Shipyard: File No. 0006902; Cleaning Respirators and Paint Equipment
Test Compliance: ASTM D-92: Flash Point by Cleveland Open Cup (COC) ASTM F-519: Hydrogen Embrittlement (Type 1c) Flammability per MIL-PRF-83936B Corrosion Rate per MIL-PRF-83936B Viscosity per MIL-PRF-83936B

Safety Data Sheets

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Safety Strip HT

Industrial Stripper
Independent Performance Documentation - Proven Quality Results
Non-Corrosive - Safe on Metals & Conversion Coatings
Low Evaporation Rate - Extends Tank Life
Free Rinsing - Cleaner Parts & Simplified Cleaning

Paint and resin stripper provides effective removal of industrial paints, seals, adhesives and other coatings. Also removes roofing & insulation materials. Safety Strip HT is an effective alternative to methylene chloride and acid-based strippers. Free rinsing. Low evaporation rate. Does not contain acids, APE, chlorinated solvents, chromates, free caustic or phenols. 331021

Product Number: 331021

Typical Specifications

Typical Dilution






Container Options

5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55)

SKU: 331021 Categories: ,

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