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BHC - Brulin Holding Company / Latest News  / SCS2 Black Shadow Dispenser Improved

SCS2 Black Shadow Dispenser Improved

Indianapolis, Indiana – July 24, 2017

Designed for ease of use and improved productivity, the BHC remote fill gun on our SCS2 Black Shadow Dispensers has undergone a few beneficial upgrades to create a new fully field serviceable and durable unit.

Easy to Replace Hanging Hook
The dispenser hanging hook is reinforced and designed to hang on all Black Shadow dispensers. If ever broken, the hook is easily replaceable with one screw.

One Hand Gas Pump
Designed for one hand in a common sense gas pump style. Activate and lock the unit all in one motion.

Flexible Yet Durable Hose Sheath
The double hose of the old gun has been replaced with an industrial sheath made of a unique polyester blend used in extreme environments.

The addition of these improvements support the many benefits that our SCS2 Black Shadow program already offers. One-hand operation with no buttons to push and no switching of refills allows for easy filling of bottles, buckets and autoscrubbers. Remote activation with a 7 ft. hose reaches out of the supply closet. Simply dial your product and pull the trigger. The dispenser incorporates a fast 4 gallon per minute fill rate in bottles and buckets. A convenient integrated rinse eliminates the need for a separate hose connection for water. All of these features are packed into a small modular design that will fit in any supply closet. If you are looking for a program built with super concentrates that deliver precise dilution performance and low repeatable cost, look no further than the SCS2 Black Shadow Dilution Control program.

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