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BHC - Brulin Holding Company / Latest News  / BHC Industrial Product Line Updated with Environmentally Responsible Industrial Degreaser

BHC Industrial Product Line Updated with Environmentally Responsible Industrial Degreaser

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – September 4, 2018 – Industrial Degreaser is a versatile, high performance, heavy-duty environmentally responsible degreaser which has been slotted into BHC’s Industrial products line as a counterpart to our parts washing chemistries. It is APE/NPE-free, contains no phosphates, butyl or caustics, and is low VOC making it worker friendly and usable throughout all markets and geographies.

This is a one product solution that by varying the dilution cleans an amazing array of industrial soils from grease to smoke residue on a wide variety of surfaces. Industrial Degreaser is a versatile degreaser recommendeded in applications such as Automatic Scrubbers, Dip Tanks, Foam Applicators, Mop & Bucket, Pressure Sprayers, and Spray and Wipe. It is suitable for use in warehouse, manufacturing plant and concrete floors, vehicle maintenance, machinery equipment, engines, motors, tools, and for the removal of soot and smoke residue.

About BHC

BHC is the specialty chemical manufacturer of Brulin Industrial Solutions serving markets such as Space & Aerospace, Precision Metal, Automotive, Medical, Optics and Industrial Maintenance. In 2015, BHC, Inc. became the official name of the company formally known as Brulin & Co., Inc.

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