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BHC - Brulin Holding Company / Latest News  / Bio-Solv Dewaxer Formulated to Replace Perc and TCE-Based Dewaxers

Bio-Solv Dewaxer Formulated to Replace Perc and TCE-Based Dewaxers

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – August 7, 2018 – As nPB, Perc and TCE face ever more EPA scrutiny, BHC is once again leading the charge in the industrial cleaning industry to offer an alternative chemistry, this time for the removal of wax in aerospace, medical, precision, and plating applications. Bio-Solv Dewaxer is a bio-based solvent designed specifically to remove a wide variety of high temperature soils that are typically removed by high boiling point chlorinated solvents.

Bio-Solv Dewaxer is readily bio-degradable and contains no VOC’s, HAPS or Prop 65 ingredients. The chemistry 80% bio-based meeting the criteria for the USDA Bio-Preferred Program and SCAQMD. Bio-Solv Dewaxer is also a drop-in replacement for soy-based, hydrocarbon-based and any other dewax product. The product will remove typical waxes found in all types of manufacturing, specifically formulated for use in aerospace, medical, precision and plating. Wax types include Plating/Masking Wax, Machining Wax, Bonding Wax, Blocking Wax, and Buffing Compounds.

This isn’t the first time that BHC (Brulin) has led the technology shift toward more friendly formulas. When CFCs were eliminated for parts degreasing in Aerospace, BHC led the shift in the Space & Aerospace industry. BHC has a known reputation as being a leader in the development of aqueous and solvent cleaning chemistries, formulating products that provide longer tank life, reduced reworks and consistent cleaning results.

About BHC

BHC is the specialty chemical manufacturer of Brulin Industrial Solutions serving markets such as Space & Aerospace, Precision Metal, Automotive, Medical, Optics and Industrial Maintenance. In 2015, BHC, Inc. became the official name of the company formally known as Brulin & Co., Inc.

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