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Commercial & Floor Care


Food Service


Production Intermediates


Commercial Programs

A wide variety of building maintenance solutions.

Commercial Programs

Industrial Facility Maintenance

Performance, Safety, Quality & Cost Control

One stop source for all your chemical cleaning needs. Multi-functional products deliver optimum cleaning performance from light to heavy-duty applications.

Simple Squeeze

Self-Contained, All-Facility Dilution Control Program

A dispenser-less dilution control system that moves to the jobsite or anywhere with a water source via canteen quarts. NO dispenser to install or service.

SCS2 Black Shadow Dilution Control

Super Concentrates Deliver Precise Dilution Performance & Low Repeatable Cost

Simple one-hand operation eliminates excessive labor and reduces the need to continuously switch refills.  Simply dial the product and pull trigger, you are ready to use in seconds.

SCS2 Mobile Dilution Control

No Dispenser, No Decision Dilution Control that Always Works

A dispenser-less dilution control system that moves to the jobsite or anywhere with a water source via canteen, packet or full-use bottle. Reliable and convenient.

SCS2 White Shadow

Hose End Mobile Mixers

2-product program dispenses TerraGreen HyPer Maxx everywhere cleaner in 2 dilutions and hospital disinfectant cleaner for full facility cleaning.

Uni.Maxx Green

Simplest, Cheapest, Easiest Green General Maintenance Program

Simplify your inventory with our General Maintenance program, which has 2 products that can replace up to 12 in your current facility cleaning program.  Enjoy significant cost savings, up to 94% in some cases.

School Maintenance

Full Facility Maintenance Program

Increasing Federal, State and local mandates are requiring schools and government buildings to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. BHC can eliminate the green tape and improve overall health.

Restroom Care

Maintenance Products

Restroom cleaning has never been easier. Use Unicide, our one-product disinfectant cleaner, to clean your restroom from top to bottom. Add in ready-to-use specialty products for specific restroom cleaning needs.


Environmentally Responsible Products

Independently certified products that eliminate the guesswork of going green with simplified qualification work. Uncompromised performance and low cost makes this the industry’s most powerful green solutions.


Degreasers for the Lightest to Heaviest-Duty Soils

We have a product to meet every degreasing need – Industrial Maintenance, Food Handling & Processing, Transportation, Building Maintenance, Fire Restoration.

The Froamer® Shower Room Cleaning

Cleaner & Faster Shower Room Solution

No touch cleaning system promotes cleaner, odor-free showers.  Eliminate unnecessary labor costs and chemical waste for a significant cost savings.

TOPfoam Hand Care

Superior Products Formulated for Hand Care Needs

Innovative can’t leak system will eliminate waste and reduce double pumping, resulting in a 20% cost savings over other hand care programs.  Solutions dispense and rinse easier, to deliver a more enjoyable experience.