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ShopVantage – Precision Machined Parts Cleaning

The Cleaning Advantage for Your Precision Machined Parts

Solvent or Aqueous Spray Wash or Ultrasonic Cleaners for Your Parts Washer

Our ShopVantage program is comprised of 3 key elements to maximize your shops cleaning performance.


Evaluation & Recommendation – Professionally tailored cleaning solution for your entire process.

Cutting Edge Chemistries – Formulations for any System, Soil, or Substrate

Continuing Technical Support – In-House chemists, Industry Cleaning Experts, and an on-site maintenance program to keep your process working.

Comprehensive Cleaning Evaluation & Recommendation

We determine the best chemistry and process for your needs by:
• Auditing Current Practices
• Recommending a Process & Product
• Solidifying the Recommendation with a Confirmation Trial

Our experienced Process Specialists will augment your current cleaning program to save you time, labor, and reduce cleaning rework & rejects.

Cutting Edge Chemistries That Provide Value To Your Process

Whether you use Spray Wash, Immersion/Ultrasonic, or Vapor Degreasing, our chemestries feature: Improved Cleaning Performance • Reduced Cleaning Rework & Rejects • Free Rinsing – Cleaner Parts & Simplified Cleaning • Broad Compatibility on a Wide Range of Substrates & Soils • In-Process Corrosion Control

Resulting in less downtime, cleaner parts, and higher throughput.

Spray Wash

301045   AquaVantage 224 ─ Our Most Advanced Spray Wash Detergent

432001   AquaVantage 63-G ─ Heavy-Duty Spray Wash Detergent with Corrosion Inhibitor

301038   AquaVantage 515 NF ─ Heavy-Duty Spray Wash Detergent

421010   RP 737 ─ Regular Strength Spray Wash Detergent with Corrosion Inhibitor

Spray Wash and/or Immersion/Ultrasonic

431038   AquaVantage 3800 GD ─ High-Performance Dual Use Immersion Ultrasonic & Spray Wash Detergent

431046   AquaVantage LTS ─ Energy Efficient Spray Wash Detergent, also Suitable for Immersion/Ultrasonic


301014   AquaVantage 815 QR-NF ─ Heavy-Duty, APE/NPE-Free Immersion & Ultrasonic Detergent

431043   AquaVantage HTD ─ Medium-Duty, Silicate, Phosphate and APE-Free Immersion & Ultrasonic Detergent

431037   AquaVantage 1400 GD ─ Medium-Duty Immersion & Ultrasonic Detergent

Vapor Degreasing

304035   SolVantage Vapor Solv ─ Vapor Degreasing Solvent for Open Top or Vacuum Vapor Degreasers

DCL0210   Dowclene 1601 ─ High-Performance Modified Alcohol Solvent

10636198   Solstice PF ─ Precision Cleaning Solvent for Aviation and Spacecraft

Technical Support from Our In-House Team

  • Our chemists are experts in chemistry formulation for metal cleaning and optimal soil removal. They are available to test clean parts and troubleshoot.
  • Our Business Development Manager is an expert in industry cleaning processes with years of field experience – have an idea or a question? He’ll find the answer.
  • Our tank maintenance process has been developed for on-site maintenance by your team. Supported by a flow chart training video, our process will ensure you the longest possible detergent life.

Tap our resources to optimize your cleaning performance

Our ShopVantage Products Are Well Suited For These Industries: