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Expert Janitorial Chemical Blending Program


P.I. TerraGreen Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate

Product # 301026

This super concentrate can be used to produce three different dilutions. The finished product is an environmentally responsible, general purpose cleaner/degreaser that is safe for use on all hard surfaces not harmed by water.

P.I. TerraGreen Glass Cleaner LP Concentrate

Product # 201036

This super concentrate can be blended into a finished product diluted by the end user or as an RTU. The finished product is an environmentally responsible, glass and multi-surface cleaner that is non-streaking.  It shall not contain any alcohol or ammonia.

P.I. TerraGreen Hyper Maxx Concentrate

Product # 850064

This peroxide based super concentrate is offered as an 8% active product. The super concentrate can be packaged as an 8% with no blending required or blended with water to a 4% active product. The product shall be formulated so that it can be used at different concentrations as a degreaser, general cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, carpet pre-spray, carpet spotter, grout cleaner, shower and restroom cleaner. The manufactured finished product at 4% or 8% hydrogen peroxide and can be Green Seal Certifiable at both concentrations. Note that the 8% product must be used through a wall mounted dispenser.

P.I. Freshen Up Concentrate

Product # 850806

A concentrated, liquid deodorant for use on carpeting, as a room air freshener or heavy-duty deodorant for dumpsters, diaper pails, or other odor causing environments.