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P.I. Alkaline Presoak & Laundry  Concentrate

Product # 850013

A concentrated alkaline formulation for use as a presoak or a laundry additive.  Product helps to solubilize soils for easier removal in the wash process.  Ideal for table linens, napkins, uniforms, rags, smocks, and aprons.  Can be used manually in a soak tank or injected into the wash machine during the detergent/suds cycle.

P.I. Laundry Detergent Concentrate 

Product # 850014

A concentrated liquid detergent to be used on all classes of laundry work for the removal of most stains.  Highly effective on greasy, oily soils such as butter stains, salad dressings, collars/cuffs, and shop towels.  Can be added to the break operation with an alkali, used as a normal detergent or used as a pre-spotter/pre-spray.  Product can be used in tepid water without a loss in performance.

P.I. Laundry pH Depressent Concentrate

Product # 850015

Concentrated liquid laundries sour for use in automatic dispensing systems.  Reduces residual alkalinity & detergents in fabrics to prevent possible skin irritation, bed sores and yellowing.  Highly concentrated, for use in institutional and industrial laundry applications.

P.I. Laundry Fabric Softener Concentrate

Product # 850016

A concentrated liquid fabric softener for use in automatic injection laundry dispensing systems.  Helps to provide soft linens, helps in reducing extraction time, and reduces static cling.  Pleasantly fragranced.

P.I. Laundry pH Depressent & Fabric Softener Concentrate 

Product # 850017

A concentrated liquid designed to leave fabrics soft and pliable while neutralizing residual alkalinity, thus preventing skin irritation.  A must for nursing homes, hospitals, shirt laundries, uniform washing, or any application where a high alkaline detergent is utilized.

P.I. Color Safe Laundry Destainer Concentrate

Product # 850018

This blend of oxygen bleaching agents is safe to use on colored fabrics. Helps to brighten and destain without the harsh effects of chlorine releasing bleaches. Helps reduce the occurrence of stains caused by an iron loaded water supply. The product can be safely used with enzyme detergent systems or enzyme spotters without affecting performance.