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Approvals & Conformance • Boeing BAC 5408 (PSD 6-77) Approved • Pratt & Whitney PWA 36604 Rev E Hot Corrosion • GE Aircraft Engine Hot Corrosion • ARP 1755 B Category 12, Stock Loss • ASTM F211, Intergranular Attack or End Grain Pitting • ASTM F519, Hydrogen Embrittlement • ASTM 954; AMS 4911 and 4916, Stress Corrosion of Titanium Alloys • Elemental Analysis • Lockheed Martin: EMAP G41.149

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SolVantage® Vapor Solv

Vapor Degreasing Solvent
Excellent Solvency
Non-Flammable, No Flash Point
US EPA SNAP Approved
Not a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP)
Boeing BAC 5408 (PSD 6-77) Approved

A non-flammable, high performance, precision cleaning solvent designed for vapor degreasing. An azeotropic, fluorinated solvent degreaser, drop-in replacement for n-propyl bromide (nPB), TCE and other vapor degreasing solvents. Safe on virtually all metals. SolVantage Vapor Solv is non-corrosive and will not stain metals. Can also be used as a carrier fluid for deposition of materials such as silicone or other oils, as well as in flush or spray device facilities.


Product Number: 304035

Typical Specifications

Typical Dilution






Container Options

5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55)

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